Service Manager

I oversee the activities of the fostering service and ensure quality performance that exceeds the National Minimum Standards and meets the Fostering Services (England) Regulations. Managing the service involve promoting the company’s values and vision while providing a service that suits the needs of each child. I also ensure the workforce remain skilled and motivated in their work through training, support and encouragement.

I am a qualified Social Worker with experience of working in community health, mental health and over a decade of experience working in fostering sector in the UK, managing various roles involving recruitment, assessment, supervision of foster carers as well as managing fostering teams in local authorities. I have consistently been able to support, guide and empower organisations, social workers and foster carers to achieve best possible outcomes for children looked after.

Through my practice and experience I have developed thorough understanding of underpinning legislations, regulations and practices pertaining foster care in England. Which enable me to ensure good practice is evident throughout the service, by providing good management, leadership and clear guidance to the team to achieve our aims and objectives.

“I am excited about developing the service with children at the centre of the organisation and proud to work closely with communities and professionals to bring about positive changes to the most vulnerable children in our communities.”

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