10 Tips for Becoming More Structured from a Behaviour Change Perspective

  • Date: 01 June, 2020
  • Author: Lia Rich
  • Website: Click Here


  • 1 Start to think about how you feel. Write down how your current routine is affecting you mentally, physically, and in your relationships with other people.
  • 2 Narrow your list down into minute detail about every little part of your day to really analyse and become aware of what you want to change, and the consequences of not making the change.
  • 3 Challenge yourself to flip negative phrases such as “I can’t” with “I can….”. For example, “I can’t stop for lunch because I need to start this brief for my boss” vs. “I can feel healthy, more nourished and alert by having lunch, which will probably mean I will be more efficient with this brief”.
  • 4 Change your focus from dwelling on what is missing or going wrong with your day (which probably feels like a burden) to a more positive mind-set, about looking forward to the next day. Take a few moments to list a couple things you look forward to tomorrow.
  • 5 Remember that your brain is hardwired to like consistency. You need to throw it a curve ball to jolt it into accepting this new change then committing to it.


  • 6 Have a very clear goal. Write this goal down. It’s ok to adjust it if need be, but don’t let a small set back derail your goal. Talk about your goal to someone else so it’s not all in your head, and you start to feel comfortable with it
  • 7Slow and steady wins the race – If part of becoming more structured means setting your alarm earlier than you did the day before to give yourself more time (for example), you are now having a small win each day if you can stick to something as simple as this.
  • 8 Retain your interest in your goal by reading up on the benefits of structure on the human body and mind. Use this new-found knowledge to refuel you and stay focused on your goal.


  • 9 Have a simple sentence that you continually say to yourselfthat reaffirms all of the above. You can also write this down and put it somewhere around your flat/house.
  • 10 Mark your achievements. Get excited about seeing the shift you are making to your habits, and the benefits you are gaining

Overall, just remember: refocus your mind-set, adjust your behaviour, and commit to the change for ultimate results